UPDATED 3/22/22 

Calvary Fellowship Groups (CFG)  

CFG's (CBC’s small group ministries) are central to body life. If you don’t belong to one, you are missing the most vital and personal opportunities you have to minister to others in the context of our church family. You are forfeiting the rich blessings of being ministered to by your church family. The gifts and callings of God were intended to be used in the context of the local church. 

CFG - Premise
The Word of God - rightly divided and faithfully proclaimed is a chief distinctive of CBC. This primarily happens in Calvary Fellowship Groups. CBC is a fervently warm and loving family. While this can be seen in many elements of "Big Church," it is profound and undeniable in the experience of CFG.

CFG - Distinctives
~ Not another exposition or sermon, but a portion of CFG time is spent carefully considering and discussing key components and application from Sunday’s exposition.
~ Intentional. While the members of your CFG definitely “hang out” together, our focus is fostering spiritual growth. 
~ Considerate of everyone’s time. 1.5 to 2 hours on average.
~ Commitment on the part of everyone involved is important.
~ Geographically organized to better equip leaders and group members to quickly respond to the daily needs of our people, and to emergencies that will periodically arise in the lives of our people.
~ Lovingly, thoughtfully, prayerfully and sacrificially led by unified leaders who meet regularly with, understand the heart of, and serve alongside the elders and pastors of CBC.

Primary context…
…connect with and use our gifts in one another’s lives,
…be known by one another,
…respond to one another in the truth and grace and knowledge of the Word that is being fed to us so well,
…care for the hurting at CBC.

Contact Tommy Lohman to find a group in your area, or if you have any questions or need more information: Email Us.