Quarter Three | 2022


Dear SOS Family,


We praise the Lord for each one of you. This year has been a wild one. As a ministry, we have a whole new finance team, new leadership at Legacy Christian Academy, additional missionaries, patients receiving much-needed care at our new SOS Medical Clinic, classrooms filled with students at Legacy Christian Academy and Shepherds Training Center, and freshly baptized members added to our church. We are overwhelmed with praise and gratitude for God’s kind and benevolent hand as He moves pieces and generously provides for our needs. 

All of this growth comes with both sad and good news. Sadly, Danielle and I have had to say goodbye to very dear, beloved friends, Solomon and Jacky Kavuma. These two treasured friends, after working with SOS for over 10 years, have stepped away from the ministry. Their impact and presence will forever be missed. However, God, in His kindness, has provided remarkable Ugandan professionals to fill the gap. We really believe the personnel the Lord has brought are gifts only the Lord could have orchestrated. 

This time of pruning and new growth has only strengthened our confidence in God’s care and provision and has given us even greater resolve to remain steadfast and immovable in the work of the Lord (1 Corinthians 15:58).

We hope you are encouraged by the updates below!

For the King & His Kingdom,

Shannon Hurley
Founder & CEO | SOS Ministries


You may have seen in a social media post that on Sunday, May 22nd, was baptism Sunday! Baptism Sunday is one of our favorite days of the year! The Community Bible Church of Kubamitwe Church family gathered together to celebrate 17 individuals and their profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for praying for the work that our Lord is doing in our community! Click the image above to watch a short video of the day.


The May Family to SOS Ministries!

It is a joy to welcome Dexter and Jessi May, and their three daughters, Adalynn, Eliza, and Maisy to SOS Ministries! Dexter leads the development team, which is responsible for expanding and maintaining the physical components of the SOS property. To read more about the May family, please click HERE!


Accreditation Status Update

We know... the suspense is killing us too!

For those of you who are not sure of the "suspense" to which we are referencing, in late April we shared the exciting news that a subcommittee from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) visited SOS in order to evaluate Shepherds Training Center's facilities, paperwork, and readiness to open up as a degree-awarding institution.

We are grateful that the two days of meetings went extremely well (if you missed this update, please click HERE), but we are still currently waiting to hear back from the council as to the state of STC's accreditation status.

Rest assured, as soon as we hear we will let you know! Thank you for your continued prayers!


The Derow family, of Mundare, Canada, braved a rainy day to hold a lemonade stand in support of Legacy Christian Academy! They had the opportunity to share with their customers about SOS Ministries and Legacy Christian Academy!

Interested in supporting Legacy? Learn more HERE!


Grace Church - Rancho Cucamonga, CA | We had the pleasure of welcoming Pastor Eric Durso and Hans van Velzer from Grace Church of Rancho Cucamonga to SOS Ministries back in March! While visiting, Eric and Han primarily served at Shepherds Training Center. Eric taught a course called "The Believer's New Position in Christ."

What was the highlight of your trip? | The highlight of my trip was sitting in John Paul Stepanian's home with the men from the STC for Pastor's Night, where each of the men shared what they learned from the past year. It was incredible to hear how God had been using not only the classes but the families of SOS to shape them and their ministries. 

What is one of your favorite things about SOS Ministries? | I love how SOS is church-centered. Pastoral training must take place in the context of a local church, which is exactly what SOS is doing. Praise God.


Please pray for financial provision as the effects of global inflation begin to be felt in Uganda.

Please pray for wisdom as we prepare for phase 2 and phase 3 of Shepherds Training Center. This includes hiring of professors, massive infrastructure development, and practical methodological decisions.

We praise God for the gifts of the May family and Huffstutler family, as they have already been tremendous blessings to our ministry and to our family!