God has given us the gift of music to express worship, not to induce it. We are therefore committed to the biblically-mandated didactic role of music, not stimulating emotions. While the genre of the music must never detract from the profundity of the lyrics nor deliberately mimic the depraved music of the lost in an effort to attract them, we are comfortable with a variety of musical styles and instruments. Consistent with Scripture, our priority is not on stylistic preferences as much as the content of the lyrics. We are committed to preserving the great tradition of didactic hymnody of the past while at the same time singing the doctrinally rich hymns that have been written more recently, all of which are designed to frame the pinnacle of worship, the exposition of the Word. Our desire is to uphold a biblical standard of transcendent worship and musical excellence and thus do battle against the encroachment of a world system that seeks to destroy them both.