May 26
3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Times: we will open at 3pm and I’m estimating end by 9pm. This will allow opportunity to accommodate schedules. Come when you can, stay the entire time or for however long your schedule lets you.

Types: All crafts encouraged- fabric, thread, paint, paper, yarn, etc. Your craft does need to be “portable.”

Craft space: Do you need:
a.    Table space
b.    Just a chair
c.    A specific need for your craft other than the above?

Children: we encourage their participation, BUT this is a time of fellowship and “playtime” for moms and women, without the regular duty of attending to playing children. Note: older children who are actively able to work on a craft and not be a disruption are invited. Older would consider 12 and up, but behavior is the determining factor.

Teaching: Sharing your craft is encouraged. If you would like to offer a class for your craft, please let me know and we can discuss & determine interest.

Learning: Do you want to learn a new craft? Let me know and we’ll announce interest and see if someone is available to teach.

Card making: Do you want to make a card for a special occasion and don’t otherwise have the materials to make one? I offer kits at my cost of materials to do so (avg $1-2). Signups prior to a holiday are available on the signup table so I can be sure to have enough materials in each kit available- please look for the sign. I will also try to have birthday kits available every month as well.

Food: you are NOT required to bring food. BUT- we will be crafting during the dinner hour and you are welcome to bring your own meal, food to share, snacks (think healthy), etc. This may change as we as a group determine what we’d like to do.

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